Beyond the Politics, there is a generation at stake!

A generation that needs to be mentored into their rightful identity in order to transform their cities

    . . . Rewriting the Narrative for Cities


Krunella Training Solutions has taken up the challenge to lead and mentor a generation that is critically redefining it's landscape, yet evidently lacking leadership in the process of rewriting its city narrative.


A global approach to leadership through entrepreneurship and social justice.

This new mark on leadership is highly demonstrated through telling personal, authentic stories, with the intent to project hope, but more critically, empowering others to step up to the new leadership mandate.


Age groups: 15-25 & 10-15

Rewriting City Narratives and Transforming cities through changing a generational mindset.

We Raise Authentic Leaders through leadership workshops.
Enabling them with the capacity to transform their cities.
Being grounded in their purpose, they develop a clarity of vision and strategy on how to accomplish it.
The workshops are a platform to begin to change the story of a city.


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Daily Blogs

Fighting for a Generation Out of the power of positive leadership, Jon Gordon mentions one of 9 qualities of great leaders . It is that, (and I paraphrase here), great leaders create culture. I believe that out of a continual in building of a developmental mindset, leaders begin to create a culture around them through that mindset. As they interact with people in their inner circle, they don’t mean to but they end up influencing the way that others think especially when they are surrounded by a chaotic environment. If you’re a leader or aspiring leader, don’t run from toxic or chaotic environments; it is clear that your leadership acumen will only be developed in that environment. Better still, your purpose will be clarified in that same space. A space made up of toxic, volatile and negative people, that sometimes mean well but, don’t know of any other way to act or be until you show them something different. When I was teaching in the inner city of Detroit, I was stationed in a very volatile environment. You just didn’t know when a student or parent for that matter was going to go off on you. It could have been simply because you were in their way or their space or just becauseā€¦, no concrete reason really. I remember when a parent came to his child’s class, the child came out of class see him and before we knew it, we were shaken by a loud bang! Later on we heard that the parent had slammed his child onto the lockers because the parent had been called to the principal’s office. I questioned myself many times; what exactly I was doing trying to teach in that environment, let alone have my children study there. Then over a period of time I realized that some of these students only had their teachers for role models. We were it, it was either us or the criminals they saw on the street, or their relatives in jail or the characters that taught them after school on TV. I felt like I was fighting for a generation!

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